Although remaining inside is a good way to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus, and is an important measure to help "flatten the curve" of daily cases that put pressure on our health care system, it could lead to a lesser evil: boredom and stir craziness. 

What's there to do while stuck indoors? 

Home Decor: For A Beautiful Lifestyle

Either you are stuck at home After a long and busy day, when we come back to our home, we want peace and joy. To make our house feel like home, we must keep it clean and beautiful. Only necessary furniture scattered here and there never make a beautiful house.

We can use home accessories matching to the room settings, put carpet on the floor, use home decors, a diffuser, house tea light holders, etc. They make our rooms, hallways, and balconies more beautiful and liveable. Here are some of the special mentions.

Ceramic Accessories 

Ceramic accessories are beautiful and add more awesomeness to any g-spot of a house. We can buy house ceramic accessories just not only for us but also for gifting purposes. 

 Other home accessories

Besides ceramic accessories, we can also use glass accessories or wooden accessories that are beautiful and add to our living place's aesthetic value.


A beautiful aroma can change the entire environment of any place. In this world of pollution, trendy diffusers' collections can make the atmosphere pleasant with a lovely fragrance around us.

 Tray and dinner sets: 

Serving trays, dinner sets, etc. don’t only serve their purpose in a house. These also represent our class and taste in crockery. 

 Flower Pots 

Flower pots are the most natural way to beautify our rooms or balconies. We can use flower pots to plant orchids and other beautiful plants or use plastic flowers, which will never die, and don't need maintenance. Little patches of colours and greenery are always good to have around us.


Life is short, but we must keep it beautiful and live to the fullest. Beautiful environment and surroundings always affect your mind and thoughts. The more peaceful your living is, the more you will be able to make a better society and a better world. 

For the best collections of home decors and accessories, Treasure House Twenty is here for you. 

                                  Good Luck and Stay Safe




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